Robert & Linda
Note: This is a hypothetical case for illustrative purposes only.
62 & 61
Production Supervisor & 3rd-grade teacher
Primary Goals
Transition to a new local financial advisor who can guide them into and through retirement

The Situation

Robert, a Production Supervisor at a local plant, and Linda, a 3rd-grade teacher, are at the cusp of retirement.

Their long-time financial advisor recently announced his impending retirement, creating a need for a new trustworthy and competent financial advisor.

The Approach

Our strategy encompassed several key aspects:

Advisor Transition: We started by thoroughly reviewing their existing financial plan and investments to ensure a smooth transition from their previous advisor.

Retirement Planning: With a focus on their upcoming shift into retirement, we assessed their income streams, including pensions and potential Social Security benefits.

Investment Strategy: We recalibrated their portfolio to match their risk tolerance and retirement timeline, focusing on stable growth and income generation.

Tax Planning: As they would soon be shifting from earning paychecks to withdrawing from their investments, we developed tax-efficient withdrawal strategies.

Longevity Planning: To address the possibility of a long retirement, we implemented strategies to ensure their wealth would last, considering inflation and healthcare costs.

The Results

Robert and Linda now have a strong relationship with a local financial advisor who understands their specific needs as they transition into retirement.

Their financial plan is robust, incorporating various income streams and addressing potential future expenses.

They feel confident that their new financial partnership will not only guide them into retirement but also stand by them throughout.

Other Success Stories
Note: These are hypothetical cases for illustrative purposes only.